We help you do the math.

Arlington Community Federal Credit Union is here for the big moments in your life, from buying a home or new car to saving for retirement—and everything in between. Getting started can feel overwhelming, that’s why we’ve created these convenient calculators to help you determine things like how much home you can afford, whether you should buy or lease a car, and much more!

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Home Loan Calculator

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Car Loan Calculaltor

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Credit Calculator

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Savings Calculators

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Retirement Calculators

Please note: The use of the calculators is not a guarantee that credit will be granted.


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5 star rating
5 star rating

Why Choose Arlington

As a full-service credit union, we’re a cooperative of members like you who know that by coming together, we can all benefit in our financial journey.

Financial Empowerment

We’re here to help our members—and neighbors—meet their financial goals and live their best lives.

Rewarding Experience

We think there’s nothing more rewarding than serving our members—and believe one good turn deserves another.

Utmost Integrity

We not only meet your financial needs, we commit to being a good neighbor and serving with integrity.

The Fine Print

The use of the calculators is for illustrative purposes only and not a guarantee that credit will be granted or intended to provide investment advice.